In this section, we answer questions about Global Beauty Cosmetics.

Q1. Why don't you use Paraben or Phenoxyethanol as a preservative?
A1. The balances of lipophilicity and hydrophilicity (called oil-water distribution coefficient) of the preservatives, such as Paraben and Phenoxyethanol, make it easily absorbed through the skin. In addition, since they are small-molecules, they can easily pass through the protective barrier of the cornified layer to be absorbed through skin. It is observed that the absorbed preservatives travel from blood capillaries to the liver and the gallbladder, and then are excreted as excrement, after passing through the small intestine, or are absorbed by the small intestine and excreted as urine from the kidney. You may think that there should be no problem as long as the preservative is excreted even if it is absorbed. However, from experiments on animals, a possibility of Paraben being an endocrine disputer is mentioned.
This company's policy is that since cosmetics are a daily product, we try not to use any ingredients that we do not want to absorb through our skin. Therefore, we produce cosmetics which have neither Paraben nor Phenoxyethanol in it.

Q2. Why do you have a policy that you do not use collagen, elastin and sodium hyauronate as much as possible?
A2. Since all collagen, elastin and sodium hyauronate exist in the dermis of our skin, when you hear that a cosmetic contains those ingredients, you may imagine that the cosmetic may improve the firmness of your skin. However, those ingredients' normal molecular weights are hundreds of thousand, or millions so that they only stay on your skin like a film. Healthy skin (a skin with a normally functioning barrier) can only absorb ingredients of molecular weights about 1000 or lower. Unhealthy skin (with malfunctioning barrier), such as atopic skin, can absorb ingredients with the size of tens of thousand molecules. However, even such unhealthy skin barely allows low molecular collagen, which has become available recently to penetrate the cornified layer. In addition, collagen may cause trouble when it penetrates the cornified layer of the skin with a malfunctioning barrier.

High molecular moisturizers, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, cannot be absorbed by healthy skin and may manage to make a thin and easily breakable film over a conified layer. Thus, they only function as not so effective "moisturizers." However, those moisturizers are relatively expensive so that the price of the product becomes higher only because it has the ingredient. Therefore, we try to prescribe our cosmetics without the moisturizers like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which have images that exceed their actual effectiveness, but positively use other ingredients with far better moisturizing effects, which are readily available.

Q3. Why can the cosmetics be stored in room temperature and do not spoil without preservatives?
A3. We cannot explain in detail since it is one of our trade secrets. What we can say is that we use an antibacterial ingredient from plants to make cosmetics that can be stored for three years, if not opened, and safe for two months after opening without "preservatives." In addition, there are some moisturizers that are effective in suppressing the propagation of unwanted bacteria, also. We positively use those to successfully produce the cosmetics that do not spoil without preservatives.

Q4. It says that the raw material used for the face wash is mainly "beef tallow." Why do you still use beef tallow even though the impression is not good because of BSE and to the people, who prefer hand made soap?
A4. It is because we believe that beef tallow is the most suitable as a raw material for soap and for preservation of the environment.
It is very regrettable that beef tallow has rarely been used as a raw material for soap since the outbreak of BSE.
First of all, as for BSE, tallow is hydrolyzed by strong alkali with a high temperature in the process of making soap; therefore, bacteria are definitely killed in the process. Thus, there is absolutely no risk of BSE in beef tallow that is used for soap.
Please refer to the following web site for details.

In addition, after the BSE outbreak, many businesses in the cosmetic and soap industry switched from beef tallow to palm oil, which led to the rapid growth of demand for palm oil. In order to increase palm oil production, rainforests were cut down in Southeast Asia etc., to make palm tree plantations, which resulted in the destruction of habitat for orangutans. In order to have beef tallow, we do not have to kill extra cattle because we have been getting the oil from the cattle that are killed for "meat for the table" and used it for soaps or cosmetics. Therefore, it is a raw material that is very friendly to the environment.

Moreover, beef tallow is an excellent oil for soaps. For a long time, a raw material for soap with a ratio of beef tallow: coconut oil = 8: 2 or 7:3, which has been considered a "golden ratio," is the best in terms of foaming, quality of foam, cleansing and gentleness to skin. The raw material oil that we use has the exact "golden ratio" of beef tallow: palm oil = 8:2.

This soap, with beef tallow as the main raw material, cleanses dirty sebum well, but does not wash off intercellular lipid that you want to keep, easilyc An ideal "selective cleansing property" is realized with the soap. (Please refer to the following web site, where I participate as a supervising editor, for details.)

"The Soap Department", the sister site, "The basic knowledge effective for beauty to read"
"What can I do to maintain moisture in my skin?"

Our soap cleanses off dirt scrupulously with smooth creamy foam without leaving a tight feeling on your skin after use. I am sure that you will enjoy the pleasant feeling of the soap.

Q5. What is Global Beauty Cosmetics'"Three-Step Simple Skincare"?
A5. We advocate "The Three-Step Simple Skincare," which begins with washing the face with the soap, then move on to applying the lotion without thickener and finish with the milky beauty essence that protects your skin.

When we consider the structure and the function of our skin, we can find reasons why the three-step skincare system makes sense.

First of all, face washing is very important, because although our skin can regenerate by epidermal turnover, if we do not do anything physically, the skin cannot remove the dirt by itself. Sebum and sweat come out from pores to coat the skin and prevent moisture from evaporating or maintain the pH at mild acidity in order to prevent propagation of unwanted bacteria. However, if you leave sebum that is covering your exposed skin, it becomes oxidized and cause comedos and acnes. If you have make-up on, you need to cleanse your skin even better, since it clogs pores and cause skin troubles.

The soap is ideal for cleansing the skin. It softens dead skin with alkali of pH9~10 and prevent it from getting too thick. This property is very suitable for people who can easily develop acne or comedos. As you age, a cornified layer, the top layer of your skin, becomes thicker and loses its "transparency (clearness)", and the layer underneath becomes thinner and loses its "firmness". By washing with the soap once a day, a layer of dead skin does not thicken and you avoid losing the brightness of your skin.

It is very important to apply the lotion immediately after washing your face.

The lotion of Global Beauty Cosmetics does not contain thickener so that it is a water like lotion without thickness. As you would understand if you think about the structure of skin, our skin is protected by a coating of "sebum barrier," which is an emulsified mixture of our sebum and sweat, but not by a layer of high molecular substance, such as a thickener. In addition, if you have used a lotion or a beauty essence which has a thickener added, you should have experienced that in the beginning, you feel the unique thickness or sensation of moisture on your skin. However, the amount of thickener in a lotion or a beauty essence is not enough to make a strong even film like a wrap, so that the degree of the thickener amount does not make much difference in the amount of moisture evaporated from your skin. Thus, after a little while, when the moisture in the lotion or beauty essence has evaporated, you only have the particular "rigid feeling", as if a dry thin film is on your skin.

The lotion of Global Beauty Cosmetics, does not contain thickener. The prescription is engineered using amino acids and moisturizer, such as trehalose. Therefore, once you use it, you would realize that this lotion makes you feel that "it is not sticky but moisturized" without giving you the particular "filmy sensation" or "rigid feeling".

At last, considering the original function of our skin, it is also ideal to protect your skin with an emulsion type beauty essence after applying a lotion.

Since there is a film of oil, called a sebum barrier, on the skin, many people use a method that "uses oil to seal" after applying lotion. However, a sebum barrier is actually not made from "oil" only but an "emulsion," which has sweat (water) scattered in it. It does not only happen in summer that we sweat often, but even when we do not feel that we are sweating, our skin secretes a certain amount of sweat, called "insensible perspiration." The oil and sweat are emulsified by the substances in intercellular lipid, such as cholesterol, and become sebum. Therefore, considering the original structure and function of our skin, it is ideal to protect your skin with an emulsion which has emulsified oil and water, rather than applying an oil ingredient only.