Global Beauty: Additive-free Cosmetics
Are you aware of the numerous types of additives being used for the cosmetics?

Are you also aware that there are ingredients added to the cosmetics, inclusion of which makes little sense and has no more purpose than making it look like a high-class image?

The Global Beauty represents the reliable cosmetic as it thoroughly excluded all kinds of additives. This is the product that has been formed and developed based on dermatology by a researcher, who continuously pursued the as to what ingredients in the cosmetics are truly needed and what kind of skin cares are most appropriate to the skin.
In addition, despite it being highly sophisticated product, affordable price has been realized through thorough cost-cutting efforts including its simple packaging.
We are always focused on the development of reliable products while being friendly to the environment.
* "Additives" are preservatives, chelate agents, and chemosynthetic antioxidants.
2015/8/10 We added the explanation about the ingredients for BB CREAM
2015/7/23 We added the information of BB CREAM
2015/6/24 We updated a products page and "Special offer"
2010/5/27 Our website has opened !

Our products
We introduce a series of three-step basic skin cares that is simple yet much-loved by our customers.

Our products
We clearly reveal the purpose as well as the function of each ingredient included in our product. And this is the reason why we were able to win the confidence of the people.
How to use is extremely simple. You may apply it all over your body regardless of age and sex.

How to use