"Faithful Cosmetics" For Consumers; It is The Global Beauty Cosmetics.

I worked in the research and development department of a "natural cosmetics maker" for 19 years. Unfortunately, the formula I found there was far from my ideal.

For example, in the cosmetic industry, many kinds of additives, such as preservatives and antioxidants, are used to maintain its quality. Some of them are low molecules, which is easily absorbed through a skin. However, I saw some advertisements say that those "additives" are not absorbed when you apply the product on your skin or safe enough even if it is absorbed. On the other hand, they state as if, some high-class moisturizers, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which cannot be absorbed for being macro molecular material, can be absorbed and have good effect on a skin.

The fact is that those makers use advertisements only for their benefit by using the word "absorb" inversely for additive and moisturizer.

In addition, a cosmetic maker that uses very little plant essence (extract), mainly state the good image of "plant essence" in their advertisements, even if the amount of the essence is less than the "additives" added to maintain its quality. Therefore, from a view point of "safety and reliability", I have been questioning the fact that there are few cosmetics that are truly good for consumers for a long time.

Moreover, in order to sell a product for a high price, they spend lots of money to make the design of the container or a box luxurious. Sometimes I find cosmetics that cost less than the container and wrappingc I started to feel the urge to create a stir in the reality that so many makers are particular about how containers and boxes "look" only, although what users want is a product, which the content is reliable/trustworthy, not a "cosmetic in a package or container that looks expensive".

From a view of environmental preservation, we also have to be very aware about "Diethylenentriamine," "Ethylendiamine," and "Ethlendiaminetetraacetic acid", which have the same basic structure with ingredients often used in cosmetics as chelate agent or antioxidant and are poisonous chemical compounds listed in the Class 1 Designated Chemical Substance.

As for cosmetics, we may not be able to say that they are an immediate threat to our body since the amount added is little. However, since the chelate agents and other similar compounds have chemically "low-degradable" structures, when they are released into the environment through drains and so on, they would most likely negatively impact the global environment.
I think that we need to pay more attention to the fact that some manufacturers, who claim they are "Eco" or "Nature" friendly, have kept using synthetic additives that cause pollution.

I am starting a new cosmetic brand, "Global Beauty." With this brand, the purpose and function of each ingredient used in it, is fully disclosed. Then we balance and mix the effective ingredients, exclusive of those, so called, "synthetic preservatives", such as "Paraben" and "Phenoxyethanol", "chelate agent," such as "Etidronic Acid" or "antioxidant," such as "D-n-butyl hydroxytoluene (BHT)."

I also believe that it is almost meaningless to add ingredients, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which only contribute to making the price of the cosmetic higher, but are not usually absorbed through skin.

From the standpoint of consumers and users, I keep delivering "reliable (genuine, sincere) natural cosmetics," in which I positively mix effective ingredients for skin and avoid mixing additives as much as possible.

GLOBAL COSME WORKS INC. President Kumi Kaneko